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01/30 - Horny MILF's first gangbang!

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01/17 - Teen's first gangbang!

Amateur girl's first ever gangbang! view update »

Personal favorite!

Shy Amatuer swallows her first load!view update »

Personal Favorite

Shy teen first ever video!view update »

Broke Amateur: Mandy

Mandy: True teen amateur first timer.

Mandy is a broke college freshman. Let's hope the cost of higher education continues to skyrocket so I can continue to get girls like Mandy. She is 5' 85 pounds and has the sweetest southern accent. I had her kneel before me and suck my cock. This caused my balls to swell with a buildup of cum which I deposit in full on her face...Twice!. This girl was so tight I could barely get my cock in her pussy. Oh, but rest assured, I got it in.

Broke Amateur: Alicia

Alicia: Nerdy girl has a wild side!

Alicia worked at Sam's club and apparently the pay wasn't that good so she ended up at the offices of Broke Amateurs. Hopefully they have god benefits since her asshole was probably a little sore after this shoot. But despite being a little shy about her first anal experience, this nerdy girl wanted it rough. Plenty of deep throat action led her to ask to get it "harder". Then she really earned her pay when she asked to eat her cum of my cock.


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Broke Amateur: Callie

Callie - Fun loving amateur gets dirty.

Callie originally agreed to shoot her first porn movie with me but got nervous and stood me up. But then her and her boyfriend broke up and to my great joy, the phone rang and Callie was back in my life wanting to fuck on camera. Well worth the wait as Callie is up for everything, even working her way past myk balls and down to my asshole for some hot rim job action. Gotta love a girl like that! Callie, we love you.

Broke Amateur: Hope

Hope - Nice ass, funny orgasms.

Usually when a girl laughs during sex, that's a bad thing. But with hope, she starts moaning whiel your plowing her than next thing you know, she's laughing and cumming all over your cock. What? Yeah, even anal orgasms have her cracking up. You never know wha you're gonna get with these amateur girls. But don't worry, it wasn't all fun and games. We got down to the serious business of cum swallowing and facials.

Broke Amateur: Ann

Ann - Sexy amateur sweety.

Ann was one of the sweetest girls to grace the pages of Broke Amateurs. Tight body and how can you not love a girl who practices deep throating on some toys before coming in for her first shoot! It's no wonder she become a member favorite instantly. And lucky for me, I was able to get her to come back for a few more videos including her first ever lesbian experience. If you love amateur girls, dont' miss Mary Ann, she only shot a few videos and she only shot them for Broke Amateurs.